Manifested Events Collaborates with Boston While Black for an Unforgettable Summit

“It’s inspiring, really: I’ve never really had another opportunity to go to an event that had like-minded folks who look like me.” – Isaiah Vertus, 25, attendee and technical support analyst with Embark Veterinary.

As the pandemic restrictions continue to lessen across the country, Manifested Events is back in full swing. April 2022, we were fortunate enough to collaborate with Boston While Black, a professional community in Boston dedicated to empowering Black professionals, entreprenuers and students by providing them with resources and knowledge to help build a greater Boston. Having known the founder, Sheena Collier, for many years. It was great to collaborate on another flawless event.

The How to Boston While Black Summit was a complete takeover of the Westin Copley Place, Boston. The 2-day event featured 90+ speakers, workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities at a grand scale for the attendees.

Executing An Event Using the Trifecta Method

As you know, we use the Trifecta Method to ensure flawless results every time with any event. Rule number one is seamless logistics which means that we need to be organized and efficient to produce a high-quality event. We use this approach to organize the project plan, team, and people involved in the process. Having great ideas is one thing, but being able to organize and prioritize them is what ensures we complete our mission-driven initiatives. Completing this step will ensure your live or virtual event appears flawless to attendees no matter what errors occur. 

Content is king, and part two of the Trifecta Method is about creating relevant and engaging content. Black entrepreneurship is exploding, and we worked with Boston While Black to showcase content surrounding Black tech, business, and culture. We advised on content strategy that was memorable and inspiring, elevating Boston While Black’s mission and values while ensuring their audience received valuable takeaways. We aimed to create a cohesive program that consistently created enjoyable moments for their audience, offered priceless insight and opportunities to build your network.

The Trifecta Method is a powerful tool for creating positive change. Part three of the approach is superior customer service, which focuses on leaving a lasting impression from the first contact to the last. Customer service sets the tone for attendees to feel welcomed, valued, and appreciated. Based on the positive feedback from this year’s summit, it is clear that the Black community has a strong desire to come together and create lasting change. By providing customer service which started at registration with a well trained group of volunteers who were ready and excited to be apart of the ME team. We were able to make a lasting impression on those who attend our events and help to create positive change in the world. With the Trifecta Method, anyone can produce seamless events that will impress.

Many people in attendance were eager to connect and build relationships with others who understand the unique challenges and perspectives of being Black in Boston. As Sheena said, there is work to do but based on the success of this year’s event, it is going to catapult the city forward.

The Results

Boston While Black is an organization that I have had the pleasure of consulting. I try to be the bridge from their early vision to a memorable outcome with each event. The goal of Boston While Black is to empower Black professionals, entreprenuers and students, so they can empower Boston by providing them with resources and knowledge. So, when I was approached to help with their How to Boston While Black summit, I was more than happy to oblige. We had a great turnout this year and are thrilled with the results! 

We focused on networking and helping our audience members create solid professional relationships, and it was a huge success. The event was packed with dynamic speakers, interactive workshops, and ample networking opportunities. More than 500 attendees enjoyed themselves and left with useful information and connections. The 90 speakers were well-received, and the 40+ volunteers did a fantastic job making sure everything ran smoothly. It was great to see such strong support from Boston’s business community. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event!


Boston has always been a city that I’ve loved. The people are tough, and the winters are brutal, but it’s also a city filled with opportunity. So I knew the How to Boston While Black summit would be an amazing experience. Boston businesses, both big and small, came out to support BWB. I was blown away by the turnout and grateful for all of the help. The summit would not have been possible without the support of local businesses. Collaboration on events like How to Boston While Black is just the beginning for ME and BWB. We will continue to build relationships and create opportunities for Black people in Boston. If you want to get involved or find out more information, please visit our websites or reach out to us on social media.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Event Planner

If you’re a business owner, you know that planning events are a great way to promote your company and connect with potential customers. But did you know that hiring an event planner can help make the process easier and more successful?

Event planners are a special breed of people. They seem to be born organized and calm while having an uncanny ability to thrive under pressure. These key qualities of an event planner help them execute miracles regarding event timelines, budgets, location, people management, and more. If that’s not enough, here are five reasons why every business should work with an event planner.

1. Events can be organized on a tight schedule

If you’re in a bind and need to organize an event quickly, hiring an event planner is your best bet. Event planners have time management skills to organize everything according to a strict deadline. They also keep up with city ordinances so that your event follows all the rules. Hiring a professional event planner ensures that all suppliers are booked and that everything runs smoothly. This way, you can focus on enjoying your event instead of worrying about the details.

2. You have a strict budget to follow

Many people believe that event planners are expensive; however, working with a professional helps reduce costs. They have a network of vendors that they deal with regularly and put those relationships to good use by negotiating with vendors to ensure that you receive a fair rate and reasonable contract terms. An event planner is an expert at putting on a fabulous affair within the parameters of a strict budget. Their expertise lets them know where to allocate the right amount of money to create the impact you’re looking for. While in the early stage of planning, you may not be able to see how everything will come together within your budget, but your event planner will have no trouble visualizing it and making it happen.

3. Using a planner can relieve stress

The person who never gets to enjoy the event is who planned it. You’re too busy moving all over the place, ensuring everything is in order and that the event runs smoothly. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Planning an event consists of four main stress points: budget, location, guest list, and catering, but there are a million smaller things (many you may not be aware of) to coordinate in a designated time frame. The chances are that your daily responsibilities are enough to make the mere idea of planning an event seem overwhelming. You can relax knowing that experts are here to help with every facet of your event’s organization so that you can focus on being a guest at your party.

4. Achieve strict business goals

You most likely have stringent business objectives to achieve. Maybe your event is a product launch, client gathering, conference, trade exhibition, or charity gala—really any event with a strategic purpose—your event planner will make sure all goals are met. Working with an event planner can save you time out of your workday and save your company money while meeting corporate objectives. Many corporate planners offer quality marketing services to their clients and can aid in making your event a success story. This is where creative event production can shine! A professional team of creatives will not only translate your brand into an engaging experiential environment but will also produce result-driven events that achieve your business objectives.

5. Only the best will do

Everyone wants to host the best event ever, but not everyone has the skills necessary to make their vision a reality. Calling in professionals with years of experience and great contacts will ensure that your event is successful. Trusting yourself to handle all the details of your event can be overwhelming and lead to disaster. Calling in the professionals will ensure that your event is planned and executed perfectly, leaving you and your guests with only good memories.


So if you’re still on the fence about working with an event planner, hopefully, this article has helped change your mind. Events are a great way to connect with potential customers and promote your company, but they can also be a lot of work. That’s where event planners take care of all the little details that you may not have time for or know how to handle. They will help ensure your event goes off without a hitch, but they can also help save you money and stress. If you’re ready to start planning your next event, contact us today and let us show you what we can do!

Manifested Events has a history of producing flawless events that create ever-lasting memories. Celebratory moments may not often come for the leaders of mission-driven organizations, and your milestones are worth the planning.

top Event trends to watch in 2022

5 Event Trends to Watch in 2022

As we step into 2022, there are a few event trends that we can expect to see more of. Whether you’re an event planner or just someone looking to host an event, make sure you keep these things in mind! From embracing new technologies to paying closer attention to attendees’ needs, these top trends are to watch for in the coming year.

Here are five things that you might want to flag on Google news to stay up to date with event trends and Covid restrictions in your area. The best event is a safe and healthy one.

1. Continue to drive reach and inclusivity.

There’s no question virtual events changed the industry game. Organizers who have leaned into hybrid/virtual event platforms have expanded their event communities. In 2022, event technology is poised to continue breaking down barriers by opening up shared experiences to attendees who might otherwise be left out.

The great thing about the rise of virtual and hybrid events is that it allows for more inclusive event strategies and casts a wider net for speakers and attendees. The events industry has made significant strides in prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, but there is still room for improvement. Diversity will play a more critical role than ever before in event strategy. Event organizers are looking for new ways to build diverse speaker rosters and deliver more inclusive opportunities, such as letting attendees set a name pronunciation or share their pronouns.

2. Finding Middle Ground for Virtual Events

In 2020, event organizers were thrown into the world of virtual events with little time to plan. As a result, virtual meetings held early in the pandemic were often stripped down, with a heavy focus on content and little entertainment value. But when the pandemic showed no signs of stopping in 2021, organizers knew attendees were battling Zoom fatigue. So they increased the perceived value of the online portion of events by offering virtual attendees exclusive content and experiences. This gave way to high-tech virtual events featuring 3-D environments and digital avatars to make attendees feel immersed in the action.

3. Increase in Hybrid Events

Hybrid events not only offer increased opportunities for reach and attendance, but they also make it easier to prove ROI and ROE (Return on Event) because behavioral data collection is more accessible with virtual audiences. The more attendee data you have on hand, the more prepared you are to plan effective and successful future events.

The biggest challenge in 2022 for event organizers and marketers will be delivering comparable personalized event experiences for both in-person and virtual attendees.

We predict a rise in smaller, in-person events that use hybrid strategies to reach a wider audience. Micro events, similar to hybrid events, often cost less and pose fewer health and safety risks. With micro-events, you can offer more events throughout the year and close the attendee experience gap that arises over the year between annual events. Event content can be parlayed into on-demand resource centers that keep attendees coming back throughout the year to continue learning, connecting, and more.

4. Build added health and safety measures into your budget

As the Omicron variant spreads rapidly worldwide, event organizers will be doing more to ensure the health and safety of attendees, sponsors, and staff members. In addition to an increase in hybrid and virtual events that can more easily guarantee attendee safety, we anticipate that an increasing number of event organizers will start requiring proof of vaccination at the door or as a prerequisite for registering for in-person or hybrid events. 

New health and safety measures mean new line items in your event budget. Things like administering rapid tests, collecting proof of vaccination, and requiring masks all come with extra costs. Up your budget to account for the health and safety items that will support your community. Don’t let the additional spending blindside you later in the planning process.

5. More Data Collection During And After Events

Similarly, tracking RFID badges works in a real environment, in a virtual event, tracking clicks, how long a user remains in a presentation, and even who they interact with can provide companies valuable insights into their target demographic and what they want.

Similar to the hybrid event space, the sponsorship playbook is being rewritten. Organizers have room to think outside the box and look at opportunities beyond the confines of the event itself. Event coordinators should begin to try testing pre and post-event sponsorship activations, such as quarterly or year-round content, social media, and email co-marketing campaigns.


This year’s event space may seem ever-changing with the uncertainty of the pandemic and shifting event types. However, it is the perfect time to find the silver lining in all of it and take advantage of the new event landscape. If you take some time to prepare yourself for things like inclusivity, finding your sweet spot, and ensuring health and safety are a priority, you can make this year’s events your most significant ROI yet.

Are you ready to start planning your 2022 event? Contact Manifested Events for a free consultation, and let us help you get started! We can provide expert advice on the latest trends in event planning and make sure your event is a success. We can help you plan a fantastic event that will wow your guests. Don’t wait – contact us today!



Virtual events have seen a steep uptick since Covid’s onset in 2019. Not leaving our homes had everyone moving to video conferencing platforms to feel like we were part of something again. However, many people have had to adjust to the new form of communication and networking. Since its onset, virtual and hybrid events have continued to grow, despite any learning curves. Due to its scalability, attendance, and engaging content, virtual and hybrid events are no longer an idea for the future. It is here and thriving.


The first reason virtual events have sustained popularity is because of their scalability. In-person events are always confined to venue capacity and take much more on-site event management to ensure all the moving parts are taken care of. With virtual events, you have more time and freedom to create content and collateral. The virtual event platforms take care of the logistics for you, along with tracking your audience. So you get everything you need for analysis without doing the extra work. It becomes accessible to deep dive into the event KPIs. These insights can also be fed into future marketing campaigns making them more efficient and relatable. It’s also considerably cheaper to host a virtual event since needing more tickets or space won’t cost you in the long run. The goal of building brand awareness, generating business leads, and increasing customer loyalty, to name a few, will always be relevant. And the more scalable events are, the easier it gets to achieve these goals (Hubilo).


The second reason virtual events have stood the test of time is attendance. In-person events rely on the people who have the means and time to attend conferences and trade shows, leaving a large population out of the action. Going virtual breaks down those prohibitive barriers. You’re essentially bringing your event to the homes and offices of anybody interested. They also offer more flexibility in time commitment ( Virtual events continued to make sure that we could connect globally. They take away geographical, financial, and visa restrictions. Nothing prevents people from disadvantaged backgrounds from attending international meetups any longer. Overall virtual events are more convenient. From audience members to event planners to keynote speakers, everyone finds virtual events more convenient to schedule and attend than in-person events. However, keep in mind that having events with hybrid models, allowing a small portion of attendees to be in person while the remainder can be at home, will be increasing soon as people begin to get vaccinated.


The third reason virtual and hybrid events are here to stay is the ability to provide more engaging content. One major attraction of in-person events is the opportunity to see live demonstrations. Even though your attendees won’t physically interact with your solutions, create a virtual demo experience that includes audience engagement opportunities. You can make a virtual event engaging by constantly providing your audience with things to do ( Provide interactive elements so that your audience feels incredibly involved in your virtual event. You can also add fun experiences like a virtual photo booth and swag gift bags. Your content is arguably even more important at a hybrid event. Not only do your in-person attendees have to be engaged, but your virtual attendees should also be involved throughout the event.


The pandemic may seem like it’s here to stay, but you can leverage your online presence to benefit your business. Use scalability, attendance, and content creation to your advantage and host a virtual event. Virtual events can be a massive game-changer for your business. Don’t let it overwhelm or intimidate you, instead look at it as a new way for growth and an intelligent mentality toward a more significant ROI. Marketing trends change constantly, and moving into the virtual sphere is just another trend to jump on before you get left behind. 


Manifested Events has a history of producing flawless events that create ever-lasting memories. We are skilled in planning content, managing attendee engagement, and collecting data for virtual events that suit your organization’s business needs. We also specialize in less formal events like workshops and multi-day conferences. Ring in the new year with Manifested Events; we know you’ll enjoy your virtual event so much, you’ll already be thinking of the next one.




Budgets are not necessarily fun and exciting, but they are necessary. It would be great to spend to your heart’s desire. However, the perfect event is possible with a reasonable budget and a plan. Here you can learn how to create a budget for your next event from an expert in the field. With this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll have everything you need to plan out a successful budget!


Budgets are meant to foresee future event circumstances and ensure an event stays within the financial confines put forth. This encompasses both forecasted spending and revenue from the event, put into specific categories to better keep track of each item. Though tedious, creating an event budget is imperative to a smooth event. Not only does it keep your spending under control, but it also allows you to understand the feasibility of your event with revenue calculations based upon items like attendance and capacity. A budget also creates a paper trail, so if you need to attest to where all the money is going, it is readily available. Then, of course, it allows you to analyze your ROI and make future changes based upon that information.


First, how much do you have to spend and what kind of event is it? It seems straightforward but writing out your event’s purpose can help you steer the budget in the right direction. Different factors go into the budget for an event. Some of these factors are company size, event goal, event scope, size of the event, and location. The important thing to remember is that you don’t begin planning an event without landing on a budget. Once you have these items on paper, it is time to do some research. A huge help is looking at past events. Looking at items that cost more than originally intended, whether its brochure costs or catering, you can be aware and ready to adjust. Looking over these items also allows you to make changes with venues and vendors before you invest in their services. If you can’t research past events, try to investigate each industry that might be questionable. You can look at industry averages and get an idea of what prices are right for you. Then finally you can jot down where your high-level spending will be, to start your budget. These are the things that will require a large portion of your budget and are usually more expensive than your itemized needs. Some of these items could include the following: · Venue · Speakers · Staffing · Food and Beverage · Marketing · Event technology · Transportation · Furniture and equipment According to the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) survey, you will most likely be spending 55% of your budget on food and beverage, audiovisual, and speaker/entertainment, because these items have a direct impact on the overall attendee experience. It’s also crucial to differentiate between fixed and variable expenses or costs. Fixed costs are costs that do not change based on the number of attendees. Variable costs are costs that change based on the number of attendees. These costs are calculated on a per-person basis (eventmobi). This is especially true once you start itemizing each category. This is when you can begin to add a final expense column along with your projected expense column. As you know events can be unpredictable, so something that could help save your budget is a contingency budget or emergency fund. This is usually 20% of your budget, put aside for those capricious moments. This fund can keep your budget in the green and help you avoid the dreaded red.


Once you have your budget set, ensure you don’t forget about it. It’s ideal to have weekly meetings about what has been spent as well as any changes that need to be made. Budgeting doesn’t stop at creating the budget. It involves tracking expenses, redistributing money based on unexpected costs that emerge throughout the planning process (cvent). It is important to be flexible because as mentioned before, things can certainly change throughout the planning and execution process, and it all needs to be tracked. You will be happy you did so when you need to look back on your current event for information. This also keeps key stakeholders and staff aware of budgetary limitations and changes. Budgets are so important when it comes to creating a successful event. Not only does it keep everyone informed of limitations and changes, but it also helps to make planning less stressful. It may seem overwhelming, but once you jump into it, you’ll find that a budget is necessary and aids in productivity. If you need assistance with planning and executing a budget, contact me for a free consultation. Shana Bryant Consulting will help flawlessly plan and execute your event.