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Manifested Events has a history of producing flawless events that create ever-lasting memories. Celebratory moments may not come often for the leaders of mission-driven organizations and your milestones are worth the planning. We specialize in galas and milestone celebrations while offering quality experiences for events deemed “less formal” like workshops and multi-day conferences.

In 2020, we launched the Trifecta Approach; a fool-proof event planning framework. Apart from event planning and design, the CEO of Manifested Events, Shana Bryant also coordinates and facilitates an event planning course through Roxbury Community College. The course seeks to inform and empower people who are aspiring to join the Event Management industry.

Meet Shana Bryant

As an event planner, an instructor at Roxbury Community College, and a social entrepreneur in Boston, my success transforming ideas into unforgettable events is the result of my attention to detail. Past partnerships, from occupying a seat on the Executive Committee of the Boston Branch NAACP years ago to my history of work with Boston While Black to more recently have combined my love of community with event planning to connect like-minded professionals.  

An early career in the healthcare industry, including over seventeen years in administrative roles, sharpened my strategic planning skills. Today, I leverage the skills I developed in the workplace to successfully manage events, facilitate training, and serve as a consultant. I manifested this work, and together we will manifest your events.


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Our Planning Success Secret Revealed
Trifecta Approach

The Trifecta approach is the framework we use to create memorable moments and events that appear flawless. These three parts include seamless logistics, thoughtful content, and superior customer service.

Seamless Logistics:

This will help to organize the project plan, team, and all the people involved in the process including the people needed to be hired and/or managed. Pre-production work includes run-throughs, learning your platform of choice, and becoming familiar with each aspect of the production process. Completing these steps will ensure your live or virtual event appears flawless to attendees no regardless of error.

Thoughtful Content:

Thoughtful content incorporates an integrated marketing strategy that is engaging, memorable, and inspiring; producing content that is both relevant to the moment and creates an opportunity to elevate the brand’s mission and value. The ultimate goal is to create a cohesive program that consistently creates enjoyable moments for your audience. This way your event is memorable and will be discussed positively.

Superior Customer Service:

Superior customer service focuses on leaving a lasting impression from the first contact to the last, setting the tone for attendees to feel welcomed, valued, and appreciated. The Superior Service will provide an experience where the guests will remember how they felt and share a positive experience with others about your brand.


“Shana and I have partnered on a number of events over the years and she is my #1 go-to for strategy and logistics! She can take a bunch of unclear ideas and turn them into an unforgettable experience where things go well behind the scenes and for the guests. As I’m building my business, she has also been a key advisor and coach, helping me to hone in on my “why” and create action plans that get me closer to my goals.”

– Sheena Collier, Founder & CEO Boston While Black

“Shana’s superior customer service to conference attendees was second to none – our guests remarked on how they felt heard and cared for when she followed up on their requests. The week of the event, I could think of no other person I’d have preferred by my side pulling off this event. My team and I arrived onsite to a well-organized office, complete with motivational quotes on posters (very Shana!) and a welcoming productive workspace despite our many boxes and gear thoughtfully placed throughout. Shana took her work seriously, with much-needed humor, confidence, and finesse that made the entire experience a true pleasure despite the quick go-go-go pace that is the norm running a large multi-day conference.”

– Candice Cook,  Associate Director of Affiliated Network at YouthBuild USA

“IISC has really upped its game. It was a stunning and deeply moving event with a proud emphasis on racial equity. I sat in awe of Shana’s many talents and her organizing abilities. Shana’s miracle-worker…wow!”

 – IISC Planning Committee Chair