If you’re a business owner, you know that planning events are a great way to promote your company and connect with potential customers. But did you know that hiring an event planner can help make the process easier and more successful?

Event planners are a special breed of people. They seem to be born organized and calm while having an uncanny ability to thrive under pressure. These key qualities of an event planner help them execute miracles regarding event timelines, budgets, location, people management, and more. If that’s not enough, here are five reasons why every business should work with an event planner.

1. Events can be organized on a tight schedule

If you’re in a bind and need to organize an event quickly, hiring an event planner is your best bet. Event planners have time management skills to organize everything according to a strict deadline. They also keep up with city ordinances so that your event follows all the rules. Hiring a professional event planner ensures that all suppliers are booked and that everything runs smoothly. This way, you can focus on enjoying your event instead of worrying about the details.

2. You have a strict budget to follow

Many people believe that event planners are expensive; however, working with a professional helps reduce costs. They have a network of vendors that they deal with regularly and put those relationships to good use by negotiating with vendors to ensure that you receive a fair rate and reasonable contract terms. An event planner is an expert at putting on a fabulous affair within the parameters of a strict budget. Their expertise lets them know where to allocate the right amount of money to create the impact you’re looking for. While in the early stage of planning, you may not be able to see how everything will come together within your budget, but your event planner will have no trouble visualizing it and making it happen.

3. Using a planner can relieve stress

The person who never gets to enjoy the event is who planned it. You’re too busy moving all over the place, ensuring everything is in order and that the event runs smoothly. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Planning an event consists of four main stress points: budget, location, guest list, and catering, but there are a million smaller things (many you may not be aware of) to coordinate in a designated time frame. The chances are that your daily responsibilities are enough to make the mere idea of planning an event seem overwhelming. You can relax knowing that experts are here to help with every facet of your event’s organization so that you can focus on being a guest at your party.

4. Achieve strict business goals

You most likely have stringent business objectives to achieve. Maybe your event is a product launch, client gathering, conference, trade exhibition, or charity gala—really any event with a strategic purpose—your event planner will make sure all goals are met. Working with an event planner can save you time out of your workday and save your company money while meeting corporate objectives. Many corporate planners offer quality marketing services to their clients and can aid in making your event a success story. This is where creative event production can shine! A professional team of creatives will not only translate your brand into an engaging experiential environment but will also produce result-driven events that achieve your business objectives.

5. Only the best will do

Everyone wants to host the best event ever, but not everyone has the skills necessary to make their vision a reality. Calling in professionals with years of experience and great contacts will ensure that your event is successful. Trusting yourself to handle all the details of your event can be overwhelming and lead to disaster. Calling in the professionals will ensure that your event is planned and executed perfectly, leaving you and your guests with only good memories.


So if you’re still on the fence about working with an event planner, hopefully, this article has helped change your mind. Events are a great way to connect with potential customers and promote your company, but they can also be a lot of work. That’s where event planners take care of all the little details that you may not have time for or know how to handle. They will help ensure your event goes off without a hitch, but they can also help save you money and stress. If you’re ready to start planning your next event, contact us today and let us show you what we can do!

Manifested Events has a history of producing flawless events that create ever-lasting memories. Celebratory moments may not often come for the leaders of mission-driven organizations, and your milestones are worth the planning.